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What People Are Saying!

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First and foremost, Andrea Stanton is so awesome as a teacher. She has a passion for teaching, horn, students, and people. My son loves taking horn lessons and has improved dramatically in the 3 months of summer lessons. I wish we would have enrolled him sooner! If you are on the fence about lessons, do it!

-Dena T.

Mother of Alex, Grade 7

Liberty Public Schools

We absolutely love Stanton Horn Studio! Andrea is lovely and works very well with students during the lessons as well as with parents and their sometimes crazy schedules. We also love the time she takes to get to know exactly what her students need. Alaina has made amazing gains with Stanton Horn Studio!

-Dana D.-U

Mother of Alaina, Grade 10

Pleasant Hill School District

My son has grown so much in his love of the horn and music in general. Andrea is supportive and helps him overcome some of his nervousness in new musical situations. I definitely recommend Stanton Horn Studio!

-Sarah B.

Mother of Alex, Grade 8

Liberty Public Schools​

Andrea has been wonderful for Adeline! She gives her great strategies to use which has built her confidence when playing. Andrea also knows the school's expectations and has helped Adeline feel prepared for upcoming performances.  

-Ashley S.

Mother of Adeline, Grade 7

Liberty Public Schools

We love Andrea! She makes practicing fun and uses methods that the kids love!   

-Lisa F.

Mother of Olivia, Grade 8

Liberty Public Schools

Andrea is great with her students!

-Joe H.

Father of Hailey, Grade 9

Platte County School District

We participated in the Summer lesson program and love Andrea so much, we knew we had to continue. Looking forward to growing Charlie’s skills as a horn player!

-Angela C.

Mother of Charles, Grade 9

North Kansas City School District

So happy with the progress Andrea is helping our student make!

-Johnna D.

Mother of Nathan, Grade 8

Liberty Public Schools

Nicholas has been taking horn lessons from Andrea going on two years and he always looks forward to his lessons. He's learned a lot through one-on-one lessons. Andrea is always implementing fresh ideas, fun events, and has made learning to play the horn fun for our son!

-Sandra V.

Mother of Nicholas, Grade 8

Platte County School District

We love Ms. Andrea! Her love for the horn is evident and her teaching methods are wonderful for students. So glad we have the Stanton Horn Studio!!!

-Johnna D.

Mother of Nathan, Grade 7

Liberty Public Schools

Ms. Stanton does a wonderful job of making practice fun! She's got all kinds of tips and tricks up her sleeve. Olivia really enjoys her lessons and wants to practice!

-Lisa F.

Mother of Olivia, Grade 7

Liberty Public Schools

I really enjoy having lessons at the Stanton Horn Studio because it is not a conventional lesson where you just show up and play for half an hour. There is a lot of work that goes into a lesson from both the student and the teacher.

-Stephanie M.

Student, Grade 12

Liberty Public Schools

We absolutely loved the introductory interview/lesson! The studio was comfortable and fun, and Ms. Stanton was lovely!

-Dana D.-U

Mother of Alaina, Freshman

Pleasant Hill Public Schools

I really enjoy lessons with Andrea, and I feel like I will be able to become a stronger player with her help!

-Bre G.

Student, Grade 11

Park Hill School District

Andrea taught lessons for me at Northwest Missouri State University when I needed to be away. All my students benefited greatly from working with her and were excited to use what she taught them. She did exactly what I asked her to do with them, and I was very happy. I have interacted with many of her high school students as well, and have been very impressed with their level of preparation and professionalism. I highly recommend Andrea and her teaching!

-Dr. Elizabeth Dunning

Former Instructor of Horn and Chamber Music

Northwest Missouri State University

Not only have the lessons at the Stanton Horn Studio improved my daughter's playing ability, but it has inspired a passion for music that keeps her enthused about the horn and middle school band.

-Stacey H.

Mother of Tatum, Grade 7

Liberty Public Schools

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